Selling Your Pre-Owned Yacht with Ocean 360

Selling a yacht is a significant endeavor that requires expertise and meticulous attention to detail. At Ocean 360, we offer a premium, bespoke approach to help you navigate the process with ease. 

With our proven track record and extensive network, we excel in sourcing the perfect yacht or finding the ideal buyer for a new or pre-owned yacht. Our Brokerage Division provides a comprehensive and integrated solution, ensuring a successful and rewarding sale experience for the discerning buyer. 

Ocean 360 can you walk you through all aspects of the sale:

  1. Yacht Appraisal & Market Value

Determining the right price for your yacht is crucial to achieving the highest owner payout and facilitating an efficient sale. 

• Ocean 360’s pricing formula includes a thorough yacht inspection and comprehensive local and international market research. 

• Ensures competitive pricing while reflecting the true market value of the yacht.

  1. Exclusivity for Maximum Sale Value

By exclusively listing your yacht with Ocean 360, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that the entire transaction will be handled by our experienced team with minimal involvement required from you. 

• The exclusivity period typically lasts for six months and can be adjusted case-by-case.

• Preserves the sale value by avoiding multiple listings through various dealers and brokers.

  1. Streamlined Process and Payment

From the initial yacht assessment and comprehensive listing creation, promotional activities, private viewings and sea trials, and the final sale process, we handle every step with the utmost professionalism. Ocean 360:

• Ensures a seamless experience for clients.

• Manages payment process efficiently and securely for both buyers and sellers.

• Works with a team of yacht management professionals that would help you transition to all matters relating to yacht ownership.

  1. Integrated Marketing Services

Ocean 360 boasts an in-house marketing department specializing in the maritime industry and luxury yacht marketing. 

• Utilizes multi-channel advertising strategies to promote yachts effectively.

• Maximizes exposure and attracts potential buyers through targeted communication.


Contact Ocean 360 today and embark on a stress-free and successful journey to selling your yacht.