Iconic yachts for iconic lives

Praveen Nair
Head of Sales

Praveen heads up the sales team at Ocean 360 and has overseen the sale of many of the company’s highest-value yachts. With over 20 years in the marine industry in the Middle-Eastern region, he is renowned for his infectious positivity, and for maintaining the highest standards of customer care, using his considerable experience to steer complex transactions towards a successful conclusion.

Praveen graduated with a Diploma in Engineering, which fostered his obsession with the build quality and service. He is as passionate about the yachting industry and the FERRETTI GROUP yachts as he is about delivering his clients everything, and anything, that they require.

Mark Ainsworth
Sales Manager

With almost 15 years of experience in Europe and the UAE, Mark is recognized as one of Dubai’s most respected yacht dealers. He has served as a sales agent and consultant with some of the world’s most iconic luxury brands, including FERRETTI GROUP, Azimut, Dominator and Sea Ray amongst others. Having a rich, first-hand expertise with various yacht builders and brands, he has an unparalleled understanding of the industry, and the ability to assist his clients in comparing various models and making the investment that is right for them.

Today he is pursuing his passion for speed and thrills – in both the yachting world, on the track, and through his new passion for dune-bashing with local clubs. Having been brought up around boating since he was 3 weeks old, Mark has a deep passion for the water and for the lifestyle benefits it can bring to yacht owners, their families and also their friends.

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